Question: Why do I need The Sound Dude?

From a small event for 25 people to a large event for a few thousand, quality sound production makes all the difference. Have you been to an event where the speaker was unintelligible, or the band was fighting feedback all evening? I pride myself on delivering a quality production that offers both clarity and professionalism. Your audience should pay attention to the content on the stage, not the audio quality!


Question: What region do you cover?

I am based out of Southern California. However, I travel all over North America. I have contacts for equipment and services across the country, and I am happy to fly out to your next event.


Question: Does The Sound Dude offer any other services?

I have a variety of resources in the industry for Sound, Lighting and Video Production. I can even book Live Music ranging from Quartets to Swing, Jazz, Country & Rock.


Question: When I hire The Sound Dude does anyone else come?

Depending on the complexity of the event, it may require I bring additional hands to load in, setup gear, and tear down gear. Other skilled professionals include monitor and broadcast engineers, and stage managers for example. All that is determined with the information you provide in the Free Quote section of the website.


Question: What if I don’t know what you need to bring to the event?

Every venue has its advantages and challenges. Many times I am able to determine what equipment is necessary by a few pictures of the facility, sometimes I am required to scout the venue and verify the space and equipment needed to fill that space. This can typically be done at no additional cost to the client.

Question: What if I want to run the event and don’t need The Sound Dude?

All the gear that I bring out to production is available for rent. Depending on your skill level, I will configure the console or take any other steps to assist you with the rental equipment before you take it out to an event. I also have contacts in the industry allowing me to provide discounted equipment for purchases and installations.


Question: Is it more expensive to have my event indoors or outdoors?

Typically it is more cost effective to have an event indoors, as I am not required to bring as much equipment. Outdoor venues are where sound dissipates the fastest. The cost factor truly comes into effect as we account for the size of the room or space, and the amount of people that are attending the event.


Question: What if my band needs to rent gear for the gig?

I have many contacts in the music industry. If you need anything from Line Arrays & Consoles to a B3 Organ & Leslie, I know the guys to get you the perfect piece of gear.

Question: What if I want music before and during the event?

Music can be a fun and engaging part of the production. If the mood calls for it, I typically have my client ask the speakers for a walk up song. Either the live band can play them as the speaker walks to the stage, or we have the predetermined song cued on an iPod in the back.  It can make for some candid moments onstage!


Question: What if I have already hired a production company, but also want The Sound Dude?

I work with production companies across the country and have no issues integrating with the systems they are using. It is always important if you hire 2 different contractors, they connect and are on the same page before the event day. This way they can work out any technical details.


Question: What if I need The Sound Dude to do announcements at the event?

Sometimes my clients will hire a person with a nice deep voice to make the announcements to the audience, whether housekeeping or who is coming to the stage next. I’m not James Earl Jones, but I am able to provide that service if you do not have someone at the event at no extra cost.